CMS Pavement Tech Sdn Bhd

Insitu Cement Stabilisation Work By WR250 Reycle Stabilizer in line of Pressure Cement tanker and water tanker in one single operation

Cement Stabilisation Work In Progress with the required machinery

Milling Works By 2 metres Profiler

Paving Works by Vogele Paver
Paving Works by Vogele Paver

All Weather Thermoplastic Works In Progress
All Weather Thermoplastic Works In Progress

Road Stabilisation

  • CMS Pavement Tech uses Wirtgen Specialize Recycle Machineries such as WR240, WR250 and WR2500S deep recycling machines capable of deep scarifying the existing pavement while simultaneously blending in cement/lime, bitumen emulsions and water in a one-pass operation.

Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR)

  • This environmentally friendly is very effective for treating full depth cracked asphalt pavement. It is a cost effective alternative to reconstruction of cracked pavement. The process involved milling of existing mixed pavement to a maximum depth of 500mm. The Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) is then mixed with new aggregate materials together with a binding agent such as cement, bitumen emulsion or form bitumen depending on the pavement design requirement before it is laid back.

Milling and Resurfacing

  • This method generally used for the general pavement strengthening where a layer of new asphalt is laid on top of the old pavement or milled oxidised premix surface.

Road Marking

  • Application of thermoplastic materials by screed machine is a common practice in Malaysia and particularly useful for maintenance works and medium scale project. Thermoplastic materials consisting of aggregate, pigment, binder, glass beads and extenders, applied in a molten form to road surfaces and particularly useful to the application for all types of markings.

Major Completed Roads

Projects Year
Pakan Road in Sarikei Division 2007
KM179 to KM185 in Samarahan Division 2007
KM259 to KM268 in Sri Aman Division 2007
KM164 to KM174 in Samarahan Division 2007
KM268 to KM278 in Sri Aman Divisiion 2007
Miri Airport Road to Puchong Roundabout 2006
Jalan Matang Hilir 2006
Various Section in Samarahan Federal Road 2006
Access Road to IOT, Senari Kuching 2006
Mile 7 to Mile 11 Federal Road, Kuching 2006
Temburong Federal Highway in Limbang 2006
Jalan Tun Razak 2006
Tg. Kidurong / Suai / Bakam, Miri Division, Sarawak (Section D2) 2005
Merapok Federal Road, Lawas, Limbang Division 2005
Bakam Access Road 2005
Belulu Road in Miri Division 2005
Sundar Road, Lawas, Limbang Division 2005
Padawan Road 2004
Lubok Antu / Betong Road 2004
Mongkos Road 2004
Pusa Road 2003
Kabong / Nyabor / Roban Road 2003
Sg. Assap 2003
Oya / Dalat 2003
Federal Roads, Bintulu Area 2003
Sg. Topah / Kpg Pinang 2002
Bintulu / Miri Road 2002
Bintulu / Miri Road 2001
Restoration of Pavement, Limbang Division 2001
Lubok Antu Road 2000
Tg. Genting Road, Sarikei 1998
Sungai Kuap Bridge, (Kuching Outer Ring Road) 1997
Sungai Sarawak Regulation Scheme 1997
Tg. Manis Coastal Road 1997
Jalan Istana Project 1996