PPES Works (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (209892-K)

Tanjung Manis Water Supply, Mukah Division
Contract value: RM41.50 mil
Completed: 1994
Client: JKR Sarawak

Miri – Water Supply Scheme (Phase 1), Miri
Contract value: RM90.7 mil
Completed: 1998
Client: JKR Sarawak

Sarikei Regional Water Supply Short Term Improvement Works, Sarikei
Contract value: RM19.90 mil
Completed: 1998
Client: JKR Sarawak

Belawai Water Supply, Mukah
Contract value: RM10.83 mil
Completed: 1999
Client: JKR Sarawak


Batu Kitang Treatment Plant (Module 6), Kuching
Contract value: RM21.34 mil
Completed: 2000
Client: Kuching Water Board
Brief description: The supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of plant and equipment for Batu Kitang Water Treatment Plant (Module 6).


Miri Water Supply Third Expansion Scheme (Phase II) – Raw Water Transfer System from Sungai Bakong to Sungai Liku, Miri
Contract value: RM79.9 mil
Completion: 2000
Client: JKR Sarawak
Brief description: A 2.2km-tunnel was constructed to transfer raw water from Sungai Bakong to Sungai Liku Treatment Plant.


Dalat Water Supply (Phase II), Mukah
Contract value: RM4.98 mil
Completed: 2001
Client: JKR Sarawak
Brief description: The construction of raw water intake at Lebrasau and raw water pumping main to existing Dalat Treatment Plant and associated works.


The Construction and Completion of The Infrastructural Works for Phase 1, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) Permanent Campus, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak
Contract value: RM108.89 mil
Completion: 2002
Client: Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Long Term Development Works Phase 3, Stage 2 Works for Sarikei Regional Water Supply, Sarikei
Contract value: RM21.8 mil
Completion: 2007
Client: JKR Sarawak at a contract value of RM21.8 million
Brief description: This project involves construction of a 21.45km-trunk main pipe, distribution mains, three service reservoirs, and a booster pumping station located at Bayong water treatment headworks.


Tanjung Manis – Pulau Bruit Water Supply
Contract value: RM40.24 mil
Completion: 2007
Client: Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar Dan Wilayah (Ministry of Rural and Regional Development)
Brief description: This turnkey contract is for the design, construction and completion of water pipeline and ancillary works, from Sekumang, Tanjung Manis to Kampung Saiee, Pulau Bruit in Mukah Division was awarded by the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development in June 2005 to a joint venture of PPES Works and WJ Construction.

This rural water supply project consists of a water pipe system that runs over a distance of 46.2km. Also included is the construction of underwater pipe systems across three rivers, namely Batang Paloh over a distance of 1.4km, Sungai Belawei over a distance of 0.5km, and at Sungai Loba Pulau over a distance of 0.3km.


Gerugu Dam, Access Road and Ancillary Facilities For Sarikei Regional Water Supply, Sarikei
Contract value: RM67.2 mil
Completion: 2009
Client: JKR Sarawak

Murum Resettlement Project Phase 1A, Kapit, Sarawak – Package M3
Contract value: RM22.55 mil
Completion: 2013
Client: Sarawak Energy Berhad
Brief description: This contract is for the construction and completion of proposed Water Supply and Treatment Works for Melatun Resettlement.

Upgrading Work To Existing Nyabau Water Treatment Plant, Phase 1 & 2 at Bintulu, Sarawak
Contract value: RM41.95 mil
Completion: 2014
Client: LAKU Management Sdn Bhd