CMS Blood Donation Drive

CMS Blood Donation Drive

Just like our tagline above says, “Give Blood, Save Life”, 47 CMS donors from across the group came forward to help the blood bank.

Assisted by Timberland Medical Centre, CMS Blood Donation drive which was held at the lobby floor of Wisma Mahmud went smoothly with many turning up for the first time to donate. When asked about how they felt – Penny Khiew and Betty Ling, both from Samalaju Properties agreed that it was a humbling act that everyone healthy person should do to help those in need.

MTDP v2.0 graduate, Bradley Sim exclaimed that it was fun whilst Arthur Wong Yeong Der said that the experience was good and surprisingly quick with a blink of an eye.

As the clock ticked past 1pm and all goodie bags handed out, we thank all our successful donors.

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