RMU Tapah& Quarries

RMU Tapah & Quarries CSR at Epiphany Church, Siburan

Gotong Royong at The Epiphany Chapel, Siburan

5 April 2014, Saturday – The community at Taman Duranda Emas, Siburan received help from CMS Roads (RMU Tapah) and CMS Quarries to resurface the parking lot of their local chapel.  The much needed help was a blessing to the community who had to walk the wet and muddy ground to get to their place of worship on a rainy day.

A group of 97 staff worked together to clear debris, cut the grass and trimmed the trees.  They also planted some plants around the compound.  The men, with their expertise, added stone base before laying premix to the ground.  Today, rain or shine, the folks of Taman Duranda Emas need not worry about getting dirt on their clothes as they now have a newly tarred road leading to their chapel.